Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Books You Won't Find At Wal-Mart #2

Age of TV Heroes
The Live-Action Adventures of
Your Favorite Comic Book Characters
by Jason Hofius and George Khoury

Actually, as of this writing, you can't find this book ANYWHERE (the release date isn't until December 17, 2008), but check out that line-up on the cover! George Reeves, Adam West, Lynda Carter and Jackson Bostwick in their super-hero guises that inspired comic book fans throughout the 1950s to the present day as painted by Alex Ross.

Inside are interviews with the actors, producers, writers and creators who translated both Marvel and DC heroes alike into living icons for lovers of adventure and fantasy. Thrill to the memories of Nick Hammond (a.k.a. Spider-Man), John Wesley Shipp (The Flash) and even the current voice of Brock Samson himself, Patrick Warburton (or, as he was in his live-action incarnation, The Tick)!

A friend recently asked me if I ever get excited about anything these days ... well, here's something exciting, and we're all going to have to wait until Christmas to open our present!


thrdgll said...

Hate. Alex. Ross. So. MUCH!


Hee hee hee hee ... I can honestly say that they could scrawl Crayola stick figures on a brown paper wrapper as a cover and I wouldn't care. I'm more interested in the contents within (but that being said, a photo cover might make the book more 'mainstream' friendly)!

Then again, if this book makes it out past the comic book shops and into the big box book chains, I'll be surprised.

thrdgll said...

Humbug! If you're going to get excited about an upcoming publication, it should be this one: