Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stuff About Poe ...

... as written in a "round robin biographical recall" by my 11th graders:

  1. Poe had a very bad childhood.

  2. He was cursed.

  3. His real mother & wife died at the age of 24.

  4. His step-father didn't like him.

  5. His last name was Poe.

  6. Poe was 40 years old when he died.

  7. He wrote short stories.

  8. Poe lived in Richmond, VA.

  9. He's dead.

  10. His middle name of Allan was not used until after his death.

  11. He wrote "The Raven."

  12. Poe was most famous for his horror stories.

  13. Poe's horrible life was the reason for the horror stories.

  14. He was weird.

  15. Poe's mother and wife died of TB.

  16. He joined the military.

  17. Hooked up with his 13-year-old cousin.

  18. He had a weird looking mustache.

  19. Poe could not hold his booze.

  20. He liked writing better than I did.

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Tinky1878 said...

Ha! There sure are some funny people in that class. Sage cracks me up. He says some of the most random, funniest things I have ever heard.