Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mascots Amuse Me

Okay, I'll admit it - I have a love of massively-headed anthropomorphic mascots. I'm not so much as interested in ones from the sports world as I am the ones who roam theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Carowinds, King's Dominion, Six Flags, and so on ... but until then, this slide show of "Mascots Gone Wild" (sorry - none of them go topless or bottomless, darn the luck) will have to suffice. Thanks to the corporate overlords over at MSN.com for the swiped photo link below.

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Tinky1878 said...

Yes, I will admit it, Mascots amuse me also... I hate sports and when the family gets together, that is all they watch...

I love watching just to see the mascots do funny stunts!

What is going to be the mascot for the newly renamed Winston-Salem Warthogs? The Dash does not sound to amusing. I can just picture a dash, period, and simicolon out on the field dancing...(yawn) Me and my corny jokes! :-)