Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots ... Big Lots

Just an F.Y.I to fellow James Bond aficionados who don't fancy paying $$$ for their Bond DVDs ... the Big Lots retail chain is currently selling the ENTIRE series from Dr. No through Die Another Day (basically, every Bond film until Daniel's Craig's debut in Casino Royale) for a mere $4.00 each. Sure, these aren't Blu-Ray discs, nor the recent 2-disc sets with yet even more fine-tuning in the way of remastered picture and sound, but since the majority of the Bonds I already owned came from these initial "Special Edition" releases from MGM, my collection is now complete for under $20.00.

Frankly, Octopussy isn't even worth the $4.00 I just paid (see this previous entry of Bond as a literal Clown ... this after he swings from a jungle vine and gives a Tarzan yell and NO I AM NOT MAKING THAT LAST PART UP). Oh, and an extra "shout out" to the hacks within the MGM art department for the ghastly photoshopped cover. Nothing says license to kill like a ghoulish Roger Moore standing before a hellish landscape of fire, a helicopter, and some turrets. The original movie poster would have been a vastly superior choice. Both are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

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