Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burning Down The House ...

... literally.

Thursday morning, approximately 3 a.m., I'm awakened by my dog barking, and in turn, a pummeling at the back door to warn me of potentially terrible news.

I staggered out to a warning of "Fire," that most dreaded of words. The abandoned house next door was in full orange bloom. I watched in slack fascination for a short time, than ran for the digital camera. The first of the photos shown above was taken through the dining room window (which is why you see the glare of the flash reflected back), before I stepped out into the side yard to feel the heat on my face, and peer into the unreal inferno.

The fire department arrived as I was stepping outside, and put the fire (which a mere sixty seconds before, seemed unstoppable in all of its horrible glory) down and out within minutes. Long story short -- no one was injured, my own house is fine and this tale is apparently of such little interest locally that the blaze didn't even make the local newspapers.

Still, I'll never forget experiencing such a dangerous vision so close to home.


tinkygarden1878 said...

Holy cow, Mr. Collins! I am glad everything is okay! (Minus the abandoned home)

Was this an old home? I cannot tell from the pictures.

Also, I forgot the information to get to my other blog, so I had to create a new one. I will follow your blog. You should be able to get to mine from yours.

See ya around!



Hi Jake - been meaning to respond to your comment, but things have been more than crazy at NSHS (I'm sure you can relate). All is well ... the home was about the same age as mine, around 80 or so years old. I'll be sure and check out the new blog on a regular basis as well!

tinkygarden1878 said...

That is ashame... I hate seeing any old, historical place distroyed.

Sounds like the site could use a metal detecting... HEHE!